Steam Coils

Steam Heating Coils

In any process industry, where heating of steam is involved, Teccon offers a variety of Steam Heating Coils which are mostly of finned tube type. The heating media invariably be either hot flue gases We design air heaters to heat from ambient to as high as 200° C or even more. The capacity ranges from 1000 kcal/hr to 1,000,000 kcal/hr. In these cases, air from a centrifugal blower is sent across several rows of finned tubes that carry steam or thermic fluid on a multi-pass arrangement. The residence time flow area and pressure drop are very critical and Teccon designs these heaters with optimum sizing. The fins are made of either aluminium or CRCA steel in most cases and in special cases with copper/SS. Wherever drying of powders and other hygroscopic matter is involved, Teccon’s air heaters are found to be very efficient.

These are manufactured for different heating and drying applications and are offered in the following two forms:

  • Steam Distributing (Non-Freeze) coil: Ideal to handle low pressure steam.
  • Standard Steam coil: Designed to handle large amounts of steady steam.
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